• The Office of the Registrar, Bloomington, will process requests for duplicate diplomas by placing periodic orders with our diploma vendor by the first of each month. Expected delivery date for the duplicate diploma is four to six weeks after the order is placed with the vendor. Please note, however, that original orders for currently graduating students take precedence over orders for duplicate diplomas. When the vendor is printing the diplomas for December, May and Summer graduates, production of duplicate diplomas may be delayed more than two additional weeks.
  • According to our present policy, all duplicate diplomas show the date the degree was originally conferred. The name to appear on the duplicate diploma will be that which appears on University records. If your reason for ordering the duplicate diploma is that you have had a change of name, please list the name along with a note that you are requesting a name update on your diploma. You will be e-mailed with instructions for submitting a name change request. The name you enter will be applied to your duplicate diploma and to your official University record.
  • Currently payment can only be accepted through PayPal. You will be emailed a payment link after your degree information is researched and confirmed. You do not need a PayPal account to make payment.
  • Phone (812) 855-6758; E-mail diploma@iu.edu
How many separate degrees will you be requesting duplicate diplomas for?